iPhone case Victorian Filigree Swirl puzzle style


Product Description

Reminiscent of Victorian filigree, this unique Designer iPhone 4 case is a durable and stylish alternative to mass produced cases on the market today. This is my newest design update! Now much more interchangeable this puzzle connection design is also more stylized and easier to put on and take off.

This puzzle style case will fit the iPhone  and all versions of the iPhone (CDMA & GSM)

Click through the photos to see your color options.

The photos of the case in black highlight the unique texture of the strong and flexible material (aka laser sintered polyamide aka nylon) which in addition to adding an extra layer of interest also adds traction to keep that coveted phone in your grip!

Multiple prints from this file have been tested on my iPhone , fit very well and my own case has withstood my abuse immaculately.

I designed it for easy access to all buttons, ports and controls.

*White cases I’m offering in the polished, since it’s easier to clean than the textured white. Still be aware that the white is very white, and that anything with color or dye that comes into contact with it may not be easy to remove.