3D Scanning and modeling

3D scanning, the process of converting physical objects into precise digital models, enables you to quickly and accurately capture your object’s shape and geometries. This process supplies you with a complete digital representation of your part to be used for reverse engineering, quality inspection or at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle.

Let 3D scanning empower you with:

Rapid data capture
Shortened production cycles
Increased manufacturing efficiency
Improved product quality
CAD models that reflect shop-floor changes
Not for 3D scanning! From cars, boats, aircraft, and buildings to turbine blades, dental implants, and mechanical parts, 3D scanning provides you with high quality digital models – no matter how big or small your part is. Scanning systems today are capable of scanning miniature figurines a mere 4mm high and can also scan a 240′ long jumbo jet – all with incredible accuracy and resolution.
At TechERA 3DScanning, we’re a “yes-we-can” company. Tell us your problem and we’ll do everything in our power to help you solve it. We are great project managers and are happy to perform large-scale service projects in addition to smaller projects. So whether you need simple STL data for 1 part, or class A surfaces of 500 parts, give us a call!

TechERA 3D scanning can help you:
Measure parts
Create CAD data
Make parts fit
Improve quality
Rapid prototype
Analyze the competition
Scale parts up or down
Save warehouse space
Capture performance surfaces

We strive to deliver better than satisfactory results for every client we work with. The first step in gaining a happy client is setting the right expectations from the get-go, which is why we consult with every potential customer before a project is started. Once on board, we keep the communication lines open throughout your project to ensure our skilled engineers deliver the results you need – nothing more, nothing less.
We have experience with every major scanner and software platform, including:

Konica Minolta
Handyscan 3D/ZScanner
VX Technologies
Laser Design
Dimensional Photonics
Immersion MicroScribe
Metris Focus
Enough self promotion! Check out what some of our great clients have to say about us.
3D scanning can be used in almost any engineering process and/or setting, and as a result there are many different ways that the data obtained can benefit you. While most customers require post-processing of 3D scan data, it is not necessary in some situations.
3D Scan Data Sample
High resolution 3D surface information of physical part
High accuracy measurements of +/- 0.002 inches (50 microns)
Polymesh or point cloud data
Digital copy of physical part
For further processing such as reverse engineering or quality inspection
For rapid prototyping
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
Digital archiving
Format: STL, XYZ, PTS, TXT

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