Soccer Games

“be a footballer”

In anticipation of the 2014 World Cup, ActiveMe has developed a gesture footbal game.

With our expertise in motion recognition, we manage to detect the position of the foot at the time of shooting and simulate very accurately the ball trajectory.

The game features several shooting locations in an atmosphere of exceptional stadium with ola, smoke and songs!

It’s easy to change the graphical assets for your brand

The game is also available for mobile, web and Facebook.

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Smily photo booth

ActiveMe developed a smiling action for MediaMartkt. ActiveMe developed an interactive application that analyzed the public smile.

The principle was simple, we had to smile for 10 seconds in order to have the right to initiate the gift wheel and win a prize.For 10 seconds, a photo was taken, it was then printed and posted on social networks.

Hundreds of photos and prices were distributed throughout the event and the application met a lot of success.

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Naturpark Our

Multitouch table

Activeme has developed and installed a double multitouch table for the OUR Natura Park.

The two 55” tables have been installed in the park’s museum. Intended for children, the application allows to discover in a fun way the natural ressources of the park.

Through a media center designed as an aircraft cockpit, children can discover the different media of the park and few multiplayermini-games. They also have access to the game called snakes and ladders (jeu de l’oie in french) which is played on the two tables.


Mobile Augmented Reality

Multitouch table

The smartphone has become an essential item, opening up new brand activation opportunities using augmented reality.
Discover a hidden object, show animated content, control a virtual car…
From game to brand activations, through informative totems, we have developed different solutions for our clients.



“Be a gentleman”

ActiveMe has developed an innovative concept for Chivas: a Microsoft PixelSense table offering an interactive social Quiz reflecting the brand’s values.

A Brand Activation campaign that achieves its goals and where friends get the chance to be stood a drink: “Be a gentleman”.

Feelings Lines Typo

“Audi funny Ad”

For this year’s Big Game, Audi has conceived a never-before-seen creature to show the frightening consequences of bringing compromise into the world. The commercial highlights the all-new Audi A3 and celebrates the uncompromised spirit that led to the A3′s unrivaled technology and performance. Watch the spot to see why the most exceptionally-engineered vehicles never come from compromise.
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